CSR: A Natural Choice

β€œThe core elements of a strong CSR policy should be ingrained deeply at the heart of every well-managed company. In essence, doing the right thing at every level not only creates a better working environment and a strong sense of wellbeing, it can also reduce costs and enhance your brand and profitability.”

Since the formation of the company, doing the right thing has been an integral part of our DNA. Our love of wonderful food, locally sourced fresh ingredients, seasonality, nurturing talent, fairness and doing our part for the precious world we live in defines us.

Fairness, integrity, development, respect, support are all words that are fundamental within a strong CSR programme and ones that we feel are also deeply ingrained within our culture. We practise a transparent approach to our business, involving and communicating with our employees on a formal and regular basis.

In 2012 we created an identity for our CSR values; a rather appropriate name we feel – A Natural Choice. For the last six years we have taken a closer look at the many aspects of our work and have made an ongoing commitment to ensure we improve our performance with regular reviews as we continue to grow.

From farm to fork

At Wilson Vale we believe that good animal welfare is fundamental to good food. For example, all of our meat is farm assured and is sourced from a Network of Accredited Butchers Nationwide. Our fish comes from Marine Stewardship Council fishing grounds to ensure sustainability. Our latest commitment to good animal husbandry is that we have signed up to the European Chicken Commitment to ensure that all chickens in our supply chain meet recommended animal welfare standards and regulations.

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