Excited, united and ready to go

Wow…what a year! Finally there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel and with Easter on the horizon, it does seem that the general mood, weather and business are all warming up in unison! The positive trajectory our business is now on is very welcome and there is a real buzz amongst the team.

We have been very fortunate to have a small cluster of clients and staff that have kept going throughout and we are eternally grateful for them.  The re-start of the education sector has clearly added some very important activity and motivation and with the B&I clients now busily planning for return to office and conference centre enquiries escalating, we have a really busy and exciting time ahead. Our teams cant wait to work back up to capacity and we have several new operations to mobilise at the same time. Life is going to feel normal before we know it! Very best of luck to everyone within the hospitality sector – we wish you all a full and speedy recovery.


We have retained our core operational team to ensure dedicated support to all our clients. They’re brimming with talent, are all amazing chefs in their own right and have a combined Wilson Vale service of over 100 years. Their role provides clear direction, all-round support and hands-on practical training with food innovation in the kitchen. This balance continues to deliver market leading retention of our clients and people alike.


Innovation is embedded in our culture – both in our processes and how we think, communicate and engage with our clients. Empowering our teams, being flexible and creative encourages everyone within the business, regardless of their role, to share ideas on how we can drive continuous improvement.


A great well-being plan is at the top of the agenda for every business that puts employee welfare at the fore. As the impact of Covid-19 has led to a greater interest in food led well-being, we play a significant role in delivering on-topic food ideas and nutrition trends for employees to enjoy in the workplace. This all provides an extra dimension to employee welfare.


There has been a rise in awareness of the role food has in global well-being and a marked shift in behaviour towards a more conscious consumption. From Flexitarian to Climatarian, many are taking a more savy and considered approach to food and its environmental impact. Diets involve eating less meat and choosing great local or British seasonal produce over exotic, imported food.


During lockdown many switched their groceries from the big supermarkets to smaller local suppliers, which increased by 60%. Our menus feature many of these small-batch makers and artisans, full of heritage and history. We have a growing list of over 450 local suppliers that feed into our workplaces and schools, supporting small food producers up and down the country.


Technology in the hosptiality industry has taken great leaps foward in recent years. We continue to partner with innovative tech companies to stay ahead of the curve, creating fantastic apps for our clients and particularly for customers with specific dietary requirements. Contactless and self-pay options continue to evolve and help us re-shape the practical and commercial elements of the offer.