Operational strength leads to major retentions

7th November 2018

We are pleased to report that we have retained over £1.7million worth of business with a number of key clients over the last three months.


The contracts include an additional five-year contract with Tarmac across three sites, including its corporate headquarters at Portland House in Solihull, Birmingham, and two other locations at Stancombe Quarry near Bristol and in Newcastle.


Andrew Wilson, co-founder of Wilson Vale, said: “Our operational focus and emphasis on relationships continues to impact on our business growth and stability.


“We have managed Tarmac’s catering operation since 2013, starting with their HQ and growing the portfolio since then. This latest retention is a great milestone in our relationship to date and it shows that our on-site and operational teams are fully supportive and engaged with our clients and customers.”


We have also been awarded an additional contract with a pharmaceutical company in Cambridge and a further five-year contract with Priory School, an independent day school in Edgbaston, Birmingham, which we have held since 2010.


A unique facet of our business is that we have created a hi-bred role of development chef/area manager at Wilson Vale, and Andrew Wilson believes that this is impacting on our high food and service standards.


He said: “All of our operational managers have the craft skills to step into the kitchen when required, making it a very strong and responsive team.  Our ratio of clients to area manager is also very low, averaging at just eight clients per area manager, because we firmly believe that relationship building and great communication lead to client loyalty and satisfaction.”