Our Food

Our menu style is bespoke and appropriate for each client, from fine dining to a nutritionally balanced school lunch. Our values, however, are consistent throughout; we never compromise on our commitment to fresh produce.

Our chefs take great pride in making everything on-site from fresh ingredients, from freshly-baked ciabatta to home-made granola and slow-roasted joints of meat.

We draw our inspiration and ideas from different cultures, good restaurants, innovative retailers, and of course, from each other. We hold food workshops every month, but what must be emphasised is the significant amount of craft training and mentoring undertaken by our management team every single day.

Wherever we can, we individually ‘plate present’ our food for enhanced presentation and to create a restaurant feel. Ready-made food, packet mixes and branded, bought-in cakes don’t have any place in our kitchens.

All of our meat is NCB Farm Assured to ensure best farming practice in relation to animal welfare and traceability throughout the food chain, from farm to fork. Our fish comes from Marine Stewardship Council fishing grounds as sustainability is an important issue for us.