Our menu style is bespoke and appropriate for each client, from fine dining to a nutritionally balanced school lunch. Our values, however, are consistent throughout; we never compromise on our commitment to fresh produce.

Our chefs take great pride in making everything on-site from fresh ingredients, from freshly-baked ciabatta to home-made granola and slow-roasted joints of meat,

The Mount School

The Mount School is a prestigious day and boarding school in York for girls aged between 2 and 18 with boys welcome from age 2 to 7 years. We started working with the school in 2010 and have made a huge impact on the daily life of the school.

Our emphasis on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and making everything on-site means that the children and staff at the Mount School enjoy delicious, nutritionally-sound food to sustain them throughout the day, and for the adults the best coffee with The Best Burr Coffee Grinders for Outstanding Coffee Grinds.

Our on-site manager and his team have developed a wonderful relationship with staff, pupils and parents, finding time in a hectic schedule to hold bread-making sessions and other events to stimulate an interest in good food.

Bursar, Graeme Oliver said “From a management point of view, the proof of the pudding lies is the absence of complaints, which may not do justice to Wilson Vale’s valuable contribution to School life. I think the following best illustrates it. Each of our graduating College students writes a short paragraph which is read out at the end of year Meeting, as a kind of epitaph to her school years. Last July, one in ten girls mentioned in those few words that she will miss the food. This week we had a group of students and staff from another school visit us for a workshop and one of the teachers said in an email the following day ‘PS The Mount’s reputation for its food is now legendary.’


Hymers College

Hull-based Hymers College is a co-educational independent day school for pupils aged 8 to 18 where we have provided catering and hospitality services since 2005.  Attracted by our culture, style and fresh food approach, Hymers College were keen to work with like-minded caterers with a shared quality ethos.

It is important to us that we establish long term relationships with our clients, built on trust and with an honest and open approach. We highly value our partnership with Hymers College as they were one of our first school clients and we have worked very closely with them to place catering at the heart of the school.

Geoff Noble, Bursar of Hymers College, said: “Wilson Vale have consistently performed far better than any of their predecessors during the previous 8 years I had been Bursar.  Their management and training of existing staff who transferred under TUPE reinvigorated a jaded workforce to perform to a level beyond all expectations. The level of service and the high quality and variety of the food offering have ever since won praise from all sides – pupils, parents, staff and visitors to the school alike.

We draw our inspiration and ideas from different cultures, good restaurants, innovative retailers, and of course, from each other. We hold food workshops every month, but what must be emphasised is the significant amount of craft training and mentoring undertaken by our management team every single day.

Wherever we can, we individually ‘plate present’ our food for enhanced presentation and to create a restaurant feel. Ready-made food, packet mixes and branded, bought-in cakes don’t have any place in our kitchens.

All of our meat is NCB Farm Assured to ensure best farming practice in relation to animal welfare and traceability throughout the food chain, from farm to fork. Our fish comes from Marine Stewardship Council fishing grounds as sustainability is an important issue for us.