September 21, 2017

Take several young pupils, add flour, water, salt and yeast and watch their passion for home baking rise. In an age when everything is available on a shelf to buy, we think it is important for children to learn that home-made is often best.

At our bread-making workshops we share lessons in loaf with pupils and their teachers.

There has been resurgence in traditional bread-making in recent years and we are avid supporters of the Real Bread Campaign across our business.

Phil Hindmarch, our general manager, is the force behind our Real Bread initiative.  He has even gone as far as to work night-shifts at an artisan bakery to learn new skills so that he can share them with his colleagues at Wilson Vale – and with our young customers throughout our independent schools contracts.

He said: “We have always made our own bread at Wilson Vale but now we are getting behind the Real Bread campaign to take our skills to a new level. I’m completely hooked on good bread! There is nothing better than the smell and taste of freshly baked bread.

“I think it is great to bring traditional bread-making skills into a school environment to enhance the quality of the bread we serve.  What’s more, it ensures that our bread is healthy and nutritious as it gives us complete control over what we are putting into it.”

Basic, ‘real’ bread needs only four essential ingredients; flour, salt, water and yeast. That’s it – no processing aids, fats, artificial additives (which includes most flour ‘improvers’, dough conditioners and preservatives), chemical leavening (e.g. baking powder) or anything artificial.

Freshly-baked focaccia, ciabatta, malted wholemeal, semi-sourdough, soda bread and many more now appear on our menus nationwide.

Phil continued:” Our chefs are baking and serving savoury, speciality breads such as feta, olive & baby spinach focaccia and chorizo, mascarpone & parmesan ciabatta.  Sweet varieties include apple crumble & ginger preserve focaccia and rhubarb & apple focaccia.

“The use of fresh, quality ingredients is key to keeping food standards high in schools. It is the little touches like making real bread and baking cakes in-house that really set the standards in a school dining room. We are delighted to share these traditional skills with tomorrow’s bakers.”

Try it yourself at home!  Click here for a recipe

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