Wilson Vale invests in its future

15th October 2018

We have moved into our new corporate headquarters in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, just a stone’s throw from our previous offices.


Designed and built to our specification, the new building now houses our head office team of 35 and our growing operations team who support 95 diverse catering operations throughout the UK.


The highly specified, eco-friendly building is a substantial investment for Wilson Vale.


Andrew Wilson, co-founder of Wilson Vale, said: “This is a momentous milestone in our history to date. It shows our commitment to the Leicestershire region, as well as our confidence in the future of the business and our determination to remain an independent operator with a continued emphasis on offering our clients a highly bespoke service.


“One of the joys of being independent is having complete freedom of financial expression. It means that the path we want to tread is more about pushing our culture and inspiring our teams to be the very best at what they do rather than fixating on the bottom line. We view this latest investment as key to our strategic development plan; we will keep our growth steady, organic and controlled while continuing to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients.”


The new building features a 49-kilo solar array, low energy lighting and energy efficient, triple glazed windows throughout.


In keeping with our comprehensive CSR programme, ‘It’s a Natural Choice’, there are built in water taps fitted within the building providing purified water so there will be no need for bottled water.


Electric car chargers are available for staff as we have made a decision to replace our fleet gradually with efficient petrol or hybrid models to support the improvement of air quality.


Another interesting aspect of the new building is initiative is that our staff won’t have individual bins to encourage everyone to walk to central recycling zones.


Andrew Wilson said: “Our new building is a tangible reflection of the quality standards and ethos that have been the drivers of this business to-date. It is an exciting time for Wilson Vale and we feel very fortunate to be in the position to invest in this beautiful resource for our teams and clients.”