The Full Works

Over ten years on since we first put together our environmental and social agenda, The Full Works shines a light on the progress we’ve made and initiatives put into action in both our own hospitality sphere and the wider world. Turning warm words into meaningful actions that educate, inspire and make a difference to daily lives.

Wilson Vale food
Wilson Vale food

How it ‘Works’…

Our five core elements encompass social initiatives, environmental change and employee well-being. Each element challenges historical practices to revise the way we think and trigger considered step-changes.

Action Works

We work in partnership with like-minded enterprises who share our social and ethical values. Encouraging and supporting real social change from vertical farms to pop-up sustainability events with guest chefs.

Nature Works

From our solar powered head office, electric car fleet programme to site-based composting, recycling and a ban on single-use plastics, we take our carbon footprint seriously. We are very conscious of our consumption and take steps every day towards net zero.

Well Works

Diversity, equality and fairness stand at the heart of our business. Treating people with respect and compassion defines us and with our dedicated well-being programme with 24/7 helpline we are proud to be able to provide support for every employee.

Craft Works

We believe that it is only fair to celebrate talent and to give people the opportunities they deserve. It’s about seeing potential and letting people shine. Craft Works, our certified programme, promotes learning through hands-on practical training.

KIT Works

Providing practical career advice, information and links for well-being support and financial guidance, KIT (keeping in touch) Works is our platform for reaching out and supporting employees in the hospitality industry post-covid.

Harnessing solar

In April 2021 our head office solar panels ticked over generating 100,000 kilowatt hours! This milestone number has been achieved in just over two years since we moved into our fantastic new energy efficient, purpose built office. This equates to the same amount of energy as burning 35.53 tonnes of coal. It would cover the electricity use in 13 average homes for one whole year or power your smartphone over 8.5 millions times!

Grab a coffee and read on…

Here are some recent reports that contain a little more detail. If there’s anything you’d like to find out about that we haven’t covered please get in touch.

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