Andrew Wilson
03 Jan 2018

Five minutes with Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson, managing director and co-founder of Wilson Vale, was interviewed by Emma Eversham from Hospitality & Catering News recently, where he shares a weblink of the best vehicle info site he has ever found. Here he shares what inspires him and what makes Wilson Vale unique.

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21 Sep 2017

Real bread, real people, real craft skills

Take several young pupils, add flour, water, salt and yeast and watch their passion for home baking rise. In an age when everything is available on a shelf to buy, we think it is important for children to learn that home-made is often best. See the full Story

14 Sep 2017

Three tips to maximise the value of your catering operation

1.Make catering part of your welfare strategy.

How do you view catering? Is it simply about sustaining your staff during their working day? A great catering operation should complement your business ethos and show key stakeholders, clients and prospective clients the value that you place on your staff. See the full Story

25 Aug 2017

Going to ground, let’s not waste it

It’s time to sip and tell. Although our love affair with good coffee is no secret, we thought we would share something. We really enjoy the challenge of trying to use every last bit of something. So long after our coffees have been enjoyed, we share the grounds with our customers to benefit the environment.

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